Christmas Stockings, Finally!

Making Christmas stockings for the kids has been on my to do list ever since Inez was born. I made some for Dave and I the first year we were married but our kids have never had their own. We have used stockings from our childhoods in the meantime, but it has always been my intent to make some specifically for the girls.

Here is a view of the front:

I am proud to say that this year it didn’t get pushed off my list like it has for the last five to six years. I used Robert Kauffman fabrics and I tried to make Inez’s with more pinks and reds, Gwen’s with blues, and Olive’s with green. Inez’s favorite color is pink (with red coming in at a close 2nd), Gwen’s is blue, and the girls have designated Olive’s favorite color to be green. Whether that will prove to be true or not, I didn’t think using green in a Christmas stocking would be a bad thing.

Here’s a view of the backs:

Since I couldn’t spend a ton of time making them, I intend on perfecting them sometime during 2011 (way before December!), adding a few embellishments. I will also need to make another one for #4 anyway, so I’m hopeful it will get done and not put off for another six years. Wish me luck because I have no idea how life with four children will be! I’m expecting it to be even more crazy.

But it’s good crazy. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.


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