Finally Finished.

It is DONE. Bound. Washed. Crinkly. Yummy.

It wasn’t done in time for Christmas, but at least I finished it within the month of December!

Here are a few of my favorite blocks, and you can see my mistakes too. I’m such a amateur quilter but actually, I’m totally okay with that.

The middle of the block is from the line Holiday Happy by Monica Solorio for Lecien.  She calls that funky guy “Gnoma Claus.”  The border is also a Lecien fabric, which is a Japanese line.  Lecien fabric is a bit more pricey, but also more kooky and therefore worth the extra money (in my opinion).

This is Dave’s favorite block, and one of my top five. The turquoise poinsettia fabric in the middle is from Kate Spain’s 12 Days of Christmas line, and the border is from my stash, not sure what line it’s from.

I cannot remember what the middle of this block is from.  I got it last Christmas, or maybe even two years ago.  The border is just a solid apple green from my stash.  This block wasn’t one of my favorites until after it went through the wash.  I love how vibrant it is with the red thread.  You can also see that I had to make the block bigger.  I don’t know what happened, but it was way shorter than the rest of the rows. Oops!

I love this block.  The polka dot middle is from Riley Blake, and the Fa-la-la border is again, Kate Spain’s.

I think this is my absolute favorite block in the whole quilt.  The middle is from Kate Spain (again) and the border is from my stash.  Unfortunately, I bought that border fabric about two years ago and I have no idea what line it’s from.  I realized when it was too late how much I loved it and have never been able to track it down.

I used this candy cane stripe for the binding.  It’s from the line Hip Holidays by Barbara Jones for Henry Glass.  I used a few others from this line throughout the quilt as well.

I backed it with flannel from Kate Spain’s 12 Days and I’m so glad I did. The flannel makes it surprisingly much cozier.

I’m not sure why, but any time I lay it out on the floor to take a look at it, she quickly comes over to walk around on it, point to different parts of it, and “talks” about it in her little toddler language. Then she sits down on it and claims her territory.

I’m really proud of it and will be sad to pack it away until next season. I’m also glad that the whole family likes it.

Fellow sewers (as in one who sews, not sewer as in a place for waste disposal): for what it’s worth, about halfway through piecing the top of the quilt together, I decided to invest in a quilter’s foot for my sewing machine.  In past projects where I have just done simple blocks, there was more room for error when it came to lining up (or not lining up) the blocks.  This quilt was not nearly as forgiving. I can’t believe how much of a difference it makes! It’s an expensive foot, but definitely worth it.

  1. Melissa

    Beautiful, Holly! You have been so good at projects, I need some of your motivation. I guess I’m on a creativity dry spell or something. Love all your posts.

  2. Heath

    Oh my that is amazing! I LOVE IT! What a beautiful heirloom!

  3. david and jenny

    we love love love your life and your family and your blog (oh…and we quadruple loved the Christmas cards–which we didn’t throw away–I have looked at it ten times, adoringly). We have a crush on you guys. We hope your Christmas was fabuloso and we want to be friends with you in 2011–like early 2011–before you have mo babies…and after.


  4. brooke

    it’s beautiful! wow!!!!

  5. kristy wihongi

    hmmmm…..a quilt, jammies, stockings, crazy creative christmas cards, cutely wrapped (and homemade might i add) gifts for others AND a puzzle? oh my goodness you are making me look bad. kidding aside, you are an inspiration to all. love your guts!

  6. Denice

    it turned out awesome! i will second the quilting foot. makes all the difference in the world.

  7. courtneyb

    that is so cute and festive. I love all the colors and fun fabrics. Nice job Holl’s.

  8. Camille

    Just had to say hello after I saw this quilt! I just started a branding class taught by your husband and after staring at the peas in our pod logo for an hour, had to check out the peas in your pod. Adorable, as expected.

    Love all your quilts! Sending this link over to Monica and Kate- I’m sure they will love it too!

  9. happy zombie

    I just got an email from Camille! Oh my oh my oh my – I love your quilt and all it’s goodness in it, and of course loved how you made such a beautiful cotton casserole with bits of Kate and and my fabrics! I can’t even begin to express what a thrill it is to see your quilt! It’s beautiful! As is your daughter. I’m even gagaing over your logo! Now that I’ve found (thanks, Camille!)… I may be here for a while!

  10. kate spain

    Holly, your quilt is beautiful!! I love everything about it! Camille linked us up and i’m so happy she did. Monica is such a dear friend and to know we have been sewn together in your quilt, is a treasure in itself. Hope you and your adorable family snuggled up under it again this year…and will for many years to come!


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