Our Christmas Cards

You know what you get when you are married to a graphic designer? Amazing and very intricate ideas. This year that was evident in our family’s Christmas card. Dave came up with the idea in 2009, right when I was in the middle of working on those cards. So I told him he had to wait a year. He did. He had a vision and by hell or high water he was going to achieve it.

Hell and high water indeed! I cannot tell you how many times we were cursing these cards, wishing we had done things differently, wanting to scrap the whole thing.

But no.

We had already dug ourselves into a deep, dark hole and there was no going back.

These cards contain a lot of blood, sweat, and tears from us. I hope they are enjoyed. I’m sure some people rolled their eyes when they got them, and I shudder to think that some were even thrown away (I might be weird, but I always save the ones we receive). But we know that some people really appreciated them. And knowing that has made all the hard work worth it!

Looking back, we are glad we did it. I’m pretty sure I won’t have as much input on our cards from Dave, well for a few years anyway. There’s no holding his mad design skillz down. And actually, I would never try to. It’s reason #6,905 why I love him.

*Disclaimer: I did not write this post with the intention of receiving praise for the cards. If however, you do want to say something nice, you can direct your comment towards Dave. He really does deserve all the credit. If you have any questions about any of the languages (I know I did!), you may also inquire. We aren’t trying to hide anything.

  1. Heath

    These were AWESOME! The kids LOVED them and you even got Graigg to chuckle. That’s a feat! XOXO

  2. Dyana

    I can totally appreciate those blood, sweat, and tears!! I, along with you, seem to be the last of the homemade card makers {and every year I tell myself I’m not going to do it…but I succumb!} I LOVED THE CARD and several people have commented on it. In fact, one of your old friends Megan (who was friends with Sara Olds whose husband works with Jim) was looking at our board and said, “how do you know Holly?” oh…what a small world!


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