My Newest Obsession: Felting*

A while ago, I started looking at Etsy shops for felted wool balls. What I found, I didn’t want to pay for. I also wanted to learn how to make them myself. So, I did a bit of online research and bought some wool roving.

This is wool roving.

However, I hadn’t found any good online tutorials, so when I got it in the mail, it just sat on my desk because I was too scared to actually do anything with the wool because I didn’t want to ruin it. It’s so pretty.

Then, I hit (my version of) the jackpot. I found an online class with a few different tutorials and promptly signed up.

At first I was just interested in making felted wool balls.

Then I started making some felted “flowers.” They don’t look like flowers. They are just kind of wonky circles of different sizes. But you layer them to make flowers. I added a ball to the top, attached it to a hair band and it’s now a hair accessory for my girls.

I love them because it dresses up their otherwise boring ponytails. Especially since Inez informed me that I only know how to do three hairdos.

She said, “You only know how to do ponytails, braids, and straight hair. And everybody can do straight hair.”

It didn’t make me feel bad though, because it’s true.

I don’t think the online class is being offered right now, but here’s the link to the blog of one of the Australian lasses that gave the tutorials.

*Dave just informed me that this is kind of a boring post. So, sorry. I’m eight months pregnant. Give a girl a break (on blog posts and hairdos).

My Name is Olive

…and my Mom’s new nickname for me is Trouble. She often says, “Here comes Trouble” when I toddle into the room. I’m not sure why.

Here I am “exploring” the filing cabinet.

Caught in the act.

Being told “NO!

I don’t get it. If she doesn’t want me playing in the filing cabinet, she shouldn’t have put it on the floor.

Next she’s going to tell me she doesn’t want me playing with my sister’s slinky anymore.


Fabric Scraps

I know I’m not unique in the fact that it is really hard for me to get rid of fabric scraps. Especially when the fabric is not cheap.

So what did I do with the strips of fabric leftover from Inez’s quilt?

I made a wonky pillow. It may not appear very wonky in this picture, but rest assured, it is indeed wonky.

There are still a bunch of left over quilt squares I didn’t use. I want to make her a matching doll quilt out of it, as well as a full sized pillowcase. And I’m sure, one day I’ll get around to that.

P.S. I love the word wonky.

My Name is Olive

…and I now sit in a front facing car seat.


My Happy Baby

Most mornings, Olive wakes up and plays in her crib for awhile. On a good day she plays for about an hour. It’s nice.

Often we come in to find her standing in this corner of her crib, waiting for us. Her crib contents are usually scattered on the floor. I can always tell when that is what’s happening as she will say, “uh-oh” anytime she purposefully drops anything.

This particular morning, she had not only discarded all of her plushies, but also her pajama bottoms and one sock.

Those little leggies…

And yet, she is still our happy, mellow, pleasant, baby girl.

I just love her.

Tip Toed Olive

Although this usually means she’s getting into/trying to reach something she shouldn’t, I can’t help but love seeing her little feet like this.