Dear Dave,

My birthday, as you know, is in less than one week. I’m also carrying your fourth child, so I thought I’d help you out by giving you some ideas of what you can get me. I’m just thoughtful like that. You totally married up.

1. iPhone 4
I know I’ve been holding out for the white iPhone, but since it is not available, I’ve decided that I’d be okay with black.  I would really enjoy/use the video camera feature.  Remember how our video camera is on the fritz and we have a new baby coming rather soon?  I kind of like to document those kinds of things, you know.  And by “those kinds of things” I mean our fourth child, whom I will be birthing within the next month or so.

2. Kate Spain’s Fandango fabric
Even though my stash is currently on the healthy side, I really like this line of fabric and would like to make a throw for our living room since it’s now February and I have yet to put our Christmas quilt away. I think a layer cake from this line would suffice.

3. Wool Roving

4. This embroidery book.  Or this one.  Or both! I’m flexible.

5. This sewing book.  Who knows?  I could have four girls to sew for (in the near future).

6. Japanese Masking Tape

A few more things to add to the list—See’s candy (always good for pregnant women), coconut body butter (always good for a pregnant belly), hooks for the office from Anthropologie, in teal (home organization will help accomplish my nesting desire, because I’m pregnant).

If anything else comes to my mind (when I’m not dwelling on the fact that I’m pregnant with your fourth child), I’ll let you know.  I know where to find you.


Love your 36+ weeks pregnant wife,

  1. courtneyb

    that was so funny, I love that you reminded him that he totally married up. hilarious.

  2. Ashley

    Can you just make my birthday list for me next year? Seriously, I love all that stuff especially the fabric!!! Oh, and thanks for the laugh :)

  3. Heath

    I think this is MORE than fair.


  4. David

    Dear Holly,

    Are you pregnant? I had no idea. I wish you had said something earlier–this is embarrassing. What baby is this? Number two, right?

    Concerning the birthday gift ideas: thank you! So helpful. Really. I’m NOT being sarcastic right now. AT ALL.

    I’m getting excited for your birthday! When is it again?



  5. Denice

    love it – a bday list. just like we did when we were 6. brooke hates when i give him a bday list. i would be sure to not get anything on that list. he thinks life needs to be full of surprises. like babies.


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