Happy Valentine’s Day

Our day is going to be filled with homemade valentines,

a craft,

and (of course) sugar cookies. Yum.

Oh, and here’s a little love from Gwen.


  1. Denice

    happy valentines day. not a single sugar cookie around here. dang it. i love that your girls allow you to do the homemade valentine thing. not happening here. we need those cheapo character things to pass out. always bums me out.

  2. Heath

    Okay so I had to send that picture to Graigg…he wanted me to let you know he is waiting on pictures of Inez and Olive. LOL

  3. kristy

    hey weren’t we supposed to do the cute stuff when we came and spent the night? i guess that movie distracted us, eh?

  4. holly

    Denice – If they weren’t so hard, I would have brought some over to share!

    Heath – Inez was at school and Olive won’t sit still for a picture, so that probably won’t be happening!

    Kris – YES! That WAS what we were supposed to do! I think the movie derailed those plans (which was fine), but I also don’t know if your boys would have enjoyed participating in the crafting…?? We just need to have a girl’s day of crafting!


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