10 on 10 in May

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I remembered to participate this month! Yay for me.

So I decided to shoot with my 50mm prime lens all day because I have a hard time focusing on the right things when I have it on a low f-stop. So I must practice, practice, practice, so that I can get better. I’m addicted to the lens for all the delicious light it lets in.

My day started out with a little re-organization. Our coat closet has been driving me crazy! So this morning when I was hanging someone else’s jacket for the millionth time, I snapped—but not in a bad, postal way. I pulled everything out, got rid of a few things, and organized this bad boy. I know this picture isn’t very impressive to anyone else, but it brings me great joy!

My stained glass star which was a Mother’s Day gift. Now I have something pretty to look at while doing the dishes.

Miss Clara is just shy of her two month mark. She is such a good baby and pretty in pink. She still has the reddish hue in her hair too!

I’m FINALLY getting around to making Gwen’s quilt for her twin bed. It’s from Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane line. I used more blues and greens for Gwen, as opposed to the pink I used for Inez’s.

A grapefruit. It’s my mid-morning snack. I have to lose this baby weight! Oh, and the other weight I’ve put on in between babies.

We had our chimney cleaned out. Two years at this house and we’ve never built a fire in our fireplace. This was the first step in getting our fireplace finished. You can see there is still a lot to do! UGH.

I found Big Baby in Clara’s car seat. She had even grabbed Clara’s blanket too. She is a funny one.

What a pleasant surprise! When the mail came, we got a package. It came from one of my oldest friends, and full of goodies for my girls from her little girl’s 2nd birthday party. Thank you Lisa! Looks like it was a fun party.

When I need a chunk of time to myself (like to make dinner) I turn on a show for Big Baby. Inevitably, the older girls gravitate towards the TV too. While Olive prefers Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I’ve tried to broaden her horizons, but she just won’t sit still for Pride and Prejudice. But she will…all in good time.

We’ve discovered that Olive isn’t a big fan of her highchair. She will sit and eat much better if she sits with Dave though. She’s such a Daddy’s girl, and he’s such a sucker (in a good way).


  1. Lisa F.

    I love all your pictures! It is always fun to get a glimpse of what is happening at the Lesue household. I am glad you got the package ok.

  2. Ada Bowler

    Holly, I haven’t looked at your blog for months, and wow, you’ve had a lot going to on, not the least of which was welcoming a new little darling to your family! Four girlies. Wonderful. When I had my third girl, my middle daughter Sadie said, “Mom, we have a lot of PINK in our life!” Indeed. (But we got to add blue 6 months ago with Baby John!)

    Little Clara is beautiful. And what a blessing that she is well and healthy now. Congratulations!

    Love, Ada

    p.s. I absolutely adore the quilts you are making! You inspire me. I have a christmas quilt I started for Sadie two christmases ago…maybe I’ll finish it this summer :)

  3. Alycia

    I requested you on facebook as a fan of your website only because I never knew I could comment on your actual page! Through reading your past entries it looks like you used to sell things you created… do you still do that…?

  4. Mom

    Cool glimpse into your life at home. Some great pics!

  5. kristy wihongi

    i loved all the pics of course…the girls are cute as can be. but i must say that you ended on a VERY good picture. you have a VERY great husband. i am so glad that he is who he is and that we all get to hang out with him from time to time. good pick on that one! ;)


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