Big Baby In a Little Coat

Since I am the slackiest slacker of a blogger lately, here are some pictures of Big Baby.

This is what happens when Daddy gets Big Baby dressed. She ends up in her baby sister’s jammies.

In Dave’s defense, the babies share the changing table and I had left Clara’s 0-3 month pajamas on it. He (barely) got the shirt on Olive, brought her to me and said, “So I’m guessing these aren’t hers.” We then put the pants on her, took some pictures, and had “fat guy in a little coat” stuck in our heads for the next few hours. Good times.

  1. Carina

    You know Big Baby is my favorite, so I have to thank you for my fix.

  2. Grandma

    What is NOT to love about that girl!!

  3. Holly

    I’m glad you are both big fans of Big Baby. She certainly has a way of working herself into one’s heart.

  4. Uncle J

    Ha ha. I don’t have that predicament yet since Jonathan is flying solo in the kid department right now. The cryface in the 2nd picture is priceless. What is it with cryfaces that are so cute? I guiltily admit to causing jon-jon to showcase his on occasion because I think it is cute…i’ve said too much. Those are serious disco moves in the 3rd photo Big Baby! You go girl. Dave, let’s go to a superhero movie already.

  5. Melissa

    Classic…how did she fit into those?! So funny…love that movie.

  6. Heath

    That is seriously awesome. Seriously.

  7. Denice

    This is totally something Brooke would do but I’m afraid he wouldn’t even notice they were too small.


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