I Have Great “Helpers”

I love it when Clara is in her crib and starts fussing…hang on. I don’t actually love the fussing part, but I love that I can ask my girls to go give her a binkie/talk to her/sing to her/play with her/hold her off for a few more minutes until I can get to her.

The other day I asked Gwen for help, and Olive tagged along so I’m not entirely sure who is to blame/credit for their “help.” Every toy in close proximity was given to her, and a Mickey Mouse hat.

She looks pretty content, actually.

This one just makes me laugh. Any time anything gets near her mouth, her tongue pops out. Can you see it?

I really do have great little helpers.

  1. Frivolous mom

    LOVE IT! She BELONGS at Disneyland. Yep, she does.

  2. Amanda C.

    she is so adorable! I can’t believe what a happy girl she is. I loved flirting with her in the hall at church yesterday. Oh, and your mom isn’t the only one who reads this. :)

  3. Alycia

    My gosh that is funny! I feel the same way when Natalie (one of two of the children I nanny for) was 15 months and would want something (drink or eat or change) and I was finishing up with whatever task I was doing (laundry dishes sweeping) I would tell her brother Nicholas who was at that time 3.5 to keep her happy until i could help her out. Bigger kids are GREAT helpers!!!

  4. Alycia

    By the way, please keep your blogging going! I enjoy reading your entries!!! -”fan”

  5. Mom

    That cute little crew can come “Help” me any time…my bed/room would be a LOT more fun!


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