Instagram Round Up 3

life rearranged

Gwen was very spoiled by her Aunt Heather and Uncle Graigg, a.k.a. “Uncle Grace” for her birthday. This hat was a big hit.

I’ve never let any of my babies chew on books before. This picture is proof that the fourth child gets away with a lot more than the other ones did.

Gwen LOVES to help me bake. On this day as I was quickly stirring the dough she said, “Wow! I wish I could do crazy dramatics like that!” I just love the things she comes up with.

Clara helped make the cookies simply by cheering us on with her cute smile and fuzzy hair.

Olive was the official taste tester.

She approved.

I started this Halloween zig zag quilt last year but didn’t get very far. I’m determined that this year I will finish it.

We were actually really, really sad to hear about Steve Jobs’ passing. We (and Dave in particular) have been Apple fans for a long time.

Dinner time. Every time I saute garlic I think of the song Red Beans & Rice by Spearhead.  Ah, 1995. Brooke, can I get a holla?

After three years in our house, we finally had our fireplace finished over the summer. And the other night we had our very first fire in it! It was so cozy! I’m looking forward to lots more of these.

  1. Auntie Heather

    I think Gwen already has a flair for the dramatics. LOL

    LOVE the quilt! looks fantastic!

  2. Courtneyb

    I always love your quilts and diggin the fireplace


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