Instagram Round Up 5

life rearranged

Same cake mix, different colors. The one on the left is not very enticing.

Gwen hopped into the front seat while we were waiting for Inez one day, and she (of course) had on her favorite earmuffs. She reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite but instead of snow boots, she is always sporting her earmuffs.

Someone is very close to crawling.

And Clara scooted and pulled herself over to the girl’s playhouse. I caught her under the “grass” and she reminded me of the Wicked Witch of the East.

Olive’s self portrait.

I’ve been trying to organize my corner. It’s nice to finally have all my thread in an order and in one spot.

I need to find a good way to organize all my fabric…

…especially since I have so much of it.

I’m getting closer to getting my Halloween zig zag quilt top finished. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be completely finished until next Halloween.

A little tantrum by our little almost-two-year-old.

And that brings another Instagram week to a close.

  1. Heath

    LOVE these! I miss those girls and YOU and ALL my family in Utah!

  2. Mom

    Love the pics!

  3. Melissa

    The cake pictures remind me of the Claritin clear commercials. You don’t realize what you’re missing until they remove the film, and voila! Color! Anyway, sorry, kind of random…

  4. holly

    Melissa, that’s funny. I know exactly what you mean!


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