Clara. As dreamy as a dreamsicle.

I am so in love with these pictures.

I think they turned out well because Clara is my only cooperative model these days.

She doesn’t give me attitude like certain five & seven year olds.

Nor is she like a particular (almost) two-year-old who WILL NOT sit still for a picture.

Plus these just capture her happy attitude that I’m hoping and praying is a permanent part of her personality.

Mostly, I think I’m so in love with these pictures because even if she does wake me up at 4:30 in the morning…

…I’m so in love with this little girl.


  1. Heather

    How can you NOT be in love with this infectious little smile and happy eyes! I think I just died. lol

  2. Holly


  3. Kalli

    she makes my ovaries glow

  4. Holly

    @Kalli, Dave and I read this comment at the same time and it produced a simultaneous and actual LOL.


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