Christmastime is Here

My hope is that when you read that title, you will actually sing that Charlie Brown song, high notes and all.

So, It’s December 9th and we haven’t even ordered our Christmas cards. I’m really sad about it. We had/have this great idea that we were going to do for our cards this year, but SOMEONE kind of ruins it because she can’t stand up in pictures yet. Whatever. Babies. So we are going to have to save the rad idea until next year. Be excited. Be very excited for one whole year.

In the meantime, we (meaning Dave) have worked on part of our card, but haven’t had time to finish it yet. In his defense he has been rather busy. He had to pull an all-nighter last Friday because he was exporting files all night for an online class he’ll start teaching in January. Do you know what an all-nighter does to people our age? Let’s face it, we can’t pull that off anymore. Mainly due to the children that occupy our home and need constant care and attention. Whatever. Babies. My point is that Dave isn’t the one to blame for non-existent Christmas cards. YET.

ANYWAY, my hope is that the cards will be done and ordered this weekend, so that they can be mailed next week. If you are one of the lucky few who get our Christmas cards, be excited. Be very excited. But not as excited as you should be for next year. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones to get our cards, shoot me an email. After some consideration I may let you in the cool club and send you a card this year. We’ll see.

This is probably the sassiest blog post I have ever written! I think I’m a little hyped up on sugar. You should SEE how fast my fingers are moving right now! It’s actually freaking me out a little bit. And now that I think about it, it’s probably because I’ve only had pretzels and chocolate chips to eat today, and it’s 2:48 in the afternoon. I now realize this is not a good thing. But that’s what happens when your babies have croup.

Oh, did I not tell you that? Yep, the babies (plural) have croup. Is it “the croup” or just “croup?” I feel like I need to consult Diana Barry and Anne Shirley on this one. I trust them much more than Google and Wikipedia. PUT TOGETHER.

Wow, this blog post is just getting crazier. If Dave were home he would have stopped my typing a long time ago and fed me milk and honey to calm the crazy. What!? Did I just say “feed me milk and honey” like it’s some normal thing people eat outside of the bible? Cause I’m pretty sure it isn’t. Or maybe it is. I don’t know anything anymore.

I’m pretty sure people have stopped reading at this point. I know I would have. I bet my mom is still reading though. Hi Mom! And Dave. He’s probably reading too, but only because he’s feeling very concerned about his wife all of a sudden. And he’s probably done some grammer checking for me. That’s one of the perks to marrying an English major. Thanks babe!

I think I’ll just post the pictures of Clara that I was planning on writing about in the first place. Then we can all leave this post feeling happy and NOT CONCERNED ABOUT HOLLY AT ALL.

Plus I think there’s a baby seal in my house because I keep hearing one over the baby moniter. Oh wait, that’s just one of the babies that has croup/the croup.

The baby that is already bored with this blog post.








  1. Mom

    Yes. I read the WHOLE thing. :)
    Love, love the pics!

  2. Heath

    OH. MY. GOSH. Because I KNOW the way you talk, I think this is quite possibly the funniest post I have ever read. EVER. And I just really hope that I end up in the cool club because I truly am already excited…very excited. One more thing….Diana Barry knew NOTHING which is why she went to Anne. Anne knew because she had nursed two of Mrs. Hammond’s children through croup just that winter before and she had imagination which is apparently what you need in order to know that you should boil water. Right? I’m very happy and not. worried. at. all.

  3. Holly

    Glad you made it all the way through, Mom!

    Heather, YOU made ME LOL.

  4. Ashley

    Um. I loved this post. You got Sass girl!

  5. Sherrie Boxx

    I loved this post. :)

  6. Amanda

    Love this post! Yes I read the whole thing, yes I’m hoping to be in “the cool club”, yes I loved every mention of my dear AnnE! Loved that your friend corrected you about Diana too, she’s right, Dianna didn’t know squat.

  7. Denice

    Are you concerned at all that next years baby won’t be able to stand? I think that will ruin your plans again for the Christmas card. And for anything else you have planned :)


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