Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken with all of Dave’s family (much thanks to his parents). We did a big group shot, and then individual family shots as well. I’m so glad we did this because we haven’t had a family picture taken since Gwen was two years old (she’s now six).

Anyway, here’s our crazy clan.

I’m so grateful for this crazy clan. Although, it’s gonna get real interesting in about ten years when we have four pre-teen & teenage girls, and I’m pre-menopausal.

Good luck, Dave.

  1. Camille

    Perfection. You have the most beautiful family! Glad your family pictures were more successful than our last attempt. I would appreciate some pointers.

  2. Katrina

    Cute, cute.

  3. Lisa F.

    Love it!!

  4. Camille

    Hey, happy birthday!!

    Blog- check!


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