I Have Great “Helpers”

I love it when Clara is in her crib and starts fussing…hang on. I don’t actually love the fussing part, but I love that I can ask my girls to go give her a binkie/talk to her/sing to her/play with her/hold her off for a few more minutes until I can get to her.

The other day I asked Gwen for help, and Olive tagged along so I’m not entirely sure who is to blame/credit for their “help.” Every toy in close proximity was given to her, and a Mickey Mouse hat.

She looks pretty content, actually.

This one just makes me laugh. Any time anything gets near her mouth, her tongue pops out. Can you see it?

I really do have great little helpers.


I made an attempt to get a picture of all four girls. Here are the outtakes. I’m thinking one of these would be good to send out as our baby announcement.






That baby announcement might happen, one of these days.