“The cure for anything is saltwater – sweat, tears, or the sea.”

I love that quote by Isak Dinesen. Especially after just having returned from a spur-of-the-moment road trip with our little crew, where we spent a few days at the beach. If we could live close to the beach, we would jump at the opportunity. But who wouldn’t?

One of my favorite nights from our trip was when we grabbed bean, cheese, & potato burritos from Pedro’s in San Clemente for dinner, and watched the sunset. That’s right. Bean, cheese, and POTATO. Nom nom. It exceeded my expectations, and now I’m drooling over my keyboard.

While we were in the drive through line, Dave asked me to take a picture for him of this sign. And then he totally photo bombed it.

Best bumper sticker

I love San Clemente. I’ve loved it since I was a teenager when one Saturday my sister and I went to watch my Dad run in a race. That early morning I was exposed to one of the best beach cities (and lots of cute surfer boys) that exists. I’ve loved it ever since.

I never get tired of watching the sun set at the beach…

…especially when I’m with my favorite people. Dave is experimenting with growing his beard out (feel free to cast your vote in the comments – yea or nay?).

I loved watching Inez play in the ocean.

My Gwenie girl is growing teeny freckles.

The wind kicked up so I bundled Olive up. This is a rare site to see Olive in anything besides a “pretty dress.”

I had to showcase our mexican blanket. It just makes me so happy to put it to use at the beach (where it belongs).

I couldn’t get a good picture of Clara since she doesn’t stand still longer than half a second. And this picture definitely reflects that – great light and setting with a busy baby that won’t look at the camera.

I can’t post about our trip to California without mentioning some favorite people of ours, James & Melissa. James and Dave were roommates at BYU, and all four of us were in the same singles ward. They were our gracious hosts while we were in California, and were so nice to let us and our crazy kids invade their home for six days! It was even their 10th wedding anniversary on this day! See? Nicest friends, EVER.

The girls had a lot of fun collecting rocks and playing in the water. This is their James & Melissa’s daughter, Natalie, with Inez (I didn’t get any pictures of their other two kidlets).

Our impromptu trip was over before we knew it and now we are back home. Little does Dave know, but I’m already planning our next trip back.

More photos & blog posts to come about our trip!

we love visitors

Especially when they are some of my favorite people and it has been far too long since our last visit. I didn’t get any pictures of the boys this time around—they were busy learning the rules and playing Chairball (rhymes with hairball).

Look at that face! She is to die for.

Especially when she does “the robot.”

Let’s not let as much time pass between visits next time, mmm-kay?

great wall of evil

So I met my Springville sistahs, Courtney, Katrina & Becky (who needs to start a blog already) for dinner at P.F. Changs last night. Courtney is here visiting from Florence, Italy—where she and her little family live while her husband studies painting—so we had to get together before she leaves.

And it was seriously just what the doctor ordered. After having quite an emotional day, it was a nice way to end it by hanging out with these girls and just laughing. One highlight of the evening was splitting the Great Wall of Chocolate cake.

Good news is that it is probably the healthiest cake ever made. It only has 2240 calories and 89 grams of fat. I’m super excited to weigh in at w.w. this week.

Thanks girls and buon viaggio Courtney!

coronado island

I really miss the beach. Even kelp covered ones.Our thanks again to the Whites and Barkers for a great time on the island. I have been feeling very nostalgic as I look through our vacation pictures. One day at the beach just wasn’t enough for me. Dave still isn’t sold on the beach now that we have kids which makes it that much harder. But that is true about anything in life. Every now and then I get this longing for it, living here in Utah. Landlocked.

I miss the warm sand in my toes when laying in the warm sun. I miss the sound of the waves crashing. When we were in Coronado and we could hear them at night, it took me right back to BYU-Hawaii. What a lucky little 20 year-old I was to be living there well, for many reasons. But one of the things I miss the most is falling asleep to the crashing waves.

I miss how good hot dogs and s’mores are when you roast them on the beach. I miss watching the sunset, and the sunset at Sunset for that matter. I miss cutetanlines. I miss the smell of coppertone mixed with the smell of the beach. I miss standing in the surf and feeling the sand being pulled out beneath you. I miss the beachy breeze. I miss it all…the good and bad, tan and sunburn.

Here is my nephew Charles’ recent experience at the beach. I wonder if he misses it at all.

What do you love and/or miss about the beach?

sprinkles of makaafi

So when we were in So Cal, we visited Beth, my very dear and old friend (as in longtime, not age), and her cute little family.

So we (as in the Lesues) visited them (as in the Makaafis) whilst in the real O.C. We let the kiddies run around awhile and then we went to Sprinkles for some delicious fatness. After that, we headed on over to the Newport Beach Temple where the children were perfectly reverent angels. Except that Inez stole a rock from the fountain. They are all glued down or sealed or cemented or something, but she must have pulled one loose somehow. Oops. Maybe we’ll put it in the fountain of the Provo temple.

Here are some pictures of the Makaafi children, who should all be modeling and putting their parents through vacations and houses and such. My children couldn’t look whiter next to them, and rightly so since that is what they are. Beth’s children are half Tongan and once again, rightly so since their father is Tongan himself. Ilai, Inez, Gwen, Eden and Anela (or “Vanilla” as Inez called her).

I was also priveledged enough to taste some taro (is that right Beth?) with coconut milk. It wasn’t too bad. The coconut milk helped, I think.

Then Sprinkles…

It looks like someone is presenting them in this picture, but it is just Inez going for the one with the candy dot on top. The flavors are (left to right, top row): banana, chocolate peanut butter and dark chocolate, (bottom row) black and white, another chocolate p.b., and vanilla. They are very rich, and very yummy.

And not too far from Sprinkles is the Newport Beach Temple.

Beth and Fo’ou posed for the Prom

Here’s our perfectly reverent angel.

the whites

Well our little vacation was spent mostly with James, Melissa and Natalie White. James and Dave were roomates at BYU, and all four of us were in the same singles ward. Over the years we have forged many memories. To name just a few there were many BYU Football games, a Dave Matthews concert where some drunk girls wanted to fight, and transporting a mattress across town on the top of their jetta without rope. We got minor cases of frostbite(not really) as this was in the dead of winter and we had to hold it, with our hands, on top of the car from the inside. Did I mention there were no ropes? Ironically, Dave and I witnessed a very similar scene in the streets of San Francisco. I think it was near Lombard Street. Or maybe I just think that would make for a better story and my memory is thus.

James and Melissa are also responsible for introducing us to Settlers of Catan and Apples to Apples. We once spent a whole weekend in Park City playing “Settlers” as we nerdily call it, and consequently haven’t played together since. There was a lot of talk of playing it during this vacation, but it never came to pass. We did however watch a pretty bad movie, Because I Said So. But sometimes the bad movies make for memorable memories, aww, girrrll! Am I right guys? We also rented Fletch, because to everyone’s surprise I had never seen it. Add this to the list of movies that I haven’t seen and thus am shocking to others, like Saturday’s Warrior. Well you can continue to be shocked because I fell asleep and still haven’t seen it.

Besides hanging out, watching movies, making cookies and reminiscing about random topics, such as Small Wonder, we spent Memorial Day on Coronado Island, staying with James’ grandparents who live down there and just happen to be the nicest people on the planet (I want to move in with them). We went to Sea World and Disneyland as well, which I’ll post about later.

Here we are at the park with the coolest bubble machine. We were the most popular kids there.
Natalie LOVES Minnie, hence the dress.

Memorial Day on Coronado Islandand it was perfect. No crowds and not too hot. The girls lead us down to the beach.

A true girl, Natalie loves shoes.

We had a lot of fun with the Whites and look forward to our vacation with them next year! Well at least I had fun, but I’m just one person.

"wuke" and "mez"

Here are a bunch of pictures of Nezzie and Luke that Brooke took. These kids are two very rambunctious three-year-olds.