Eighteen Eyes

Gwen recently joined the The Glasses Club.

So, now it’s three against three. Three with a glasses/contacts Rx and three without.

At this rate, I wonder who will be next to join “the club.”

Big Baby loves Baby Sissy

Big Baby isn’t usually allowed on the bed when Clara is on it. But the other day I was taking pictures and let her up to see what would happen.

Big Baby is obsessed with giving Clara her binky whenever she finds one but she always tries to put it in her mouth backwards.

Big Baby giving Baby Sissy (what Olive calls Clara) kisses.

Then Gwen wanted in on the action too.

As hard as they tried to console her, Clara was done.

And MAD.

I just hope they love each other this much when they are teenagers.


These Ragamuffin Girls of Mine

This is what my girls look like when I have a cold, a headache, and am 37+ weeks pregnant.


rag·a·muf·fin: noun \ˈra-gə-ˌmə-fən\: a ragged often disreputable person; especially : a poorly clothed often dirty child

Well, at least mine were dressed.

It’s nothing to be sad about though. I still love them.


A Note From “Gwem”

When Gwen writes, her ‘n’ is always written as an ‘m’. So the other day when the girls were playing something in their room, Gwen made this sign to keep Olive out so that she wouldn’t destroy their creation.

It should read, “No babies allowed”. Also, I’m not exactly sure how “allowed” became “allowem”. Nevertheless, this sign makes me smile every time I see it.

I find it a bit ironic that it actually reads, “Mo babies” as if they were saying more babies are allowed, in which case this sign is very appropriate after all.

Attempting (what seems like) the Impossible

The other day I tried to take some pictures of the girls for our Christmas cards. It was not easy.

For one thing, Olive does not like to be still for any amount of time.

Sometimes one of the girls decides to pull a little attitude, which inevitably rubs off on the other.

Like I said before, not much can keep this toddler down. Plus, she decided to fall and hit her forehead on the bookshelf right before out little photo session. It was great timing!

Then if one girl sees something shiny, they all have to check it out. Distracted much?

And finally in the end, after about 50 pictures, there are only a handful that actually work. But the ones that turn out like this are by far my favorites.


That Must Have Hurt

Don’t you hate it when your hands are so cold that all you want to do is put them in hot water but when you do, it just stings and feels like a million pins pricking your skin?

I can only imagine that’s how her hands felt after she came inside to get warm.

Why is it so hard to find waterproof gloves for little hands? I think it’s time to get serious about having good/protective winter gear.

My Name is…

My name is Olive and I would like to wish you a Happy Halloween.

My name is Gwen and I am silly.

My name is Inez and I’m a gypsy for Halloween.


A Little Addition

Last night I decided to use up the extra “favric” (as Gwen calls it) from the girl’s costumes and make them trick-or-treat bags to match their costumes. Even though it’s kind of a sloppy job (you can kind of see in the picture how the lines don’t quite match up on the seam, and stuff like that) I really love how Gwen’s turned out.

Now onto figuring out their shoes. I hate that part.

Post edit:
I apparently need to should give a shout out to Dave who cut the skull and cross bones out for me, and adhered it to the bag. Thanks for your help babe, YTB.

They’re So Cute (When They’re Sleeping)

Gwen has bedtime excuses down to a science. For the most part she and Inez do really well sharing a bedroom. But sometimes it’s hard for them to get to sleep with one another in the room. Often Gwen gets to fall sleep in our bed with a super low light on and classical music playing and she’s usually out within five minutes. Also, her bed has a really cheap Ikea mattress that doesn’t help the situation.

Anyway, the other night I was in the office and when I walked into the living room, I was surprised to see her asleep on the chair. I hadn’t heard her at all, she was as quiet as a mouse.

It was cute but also kind of sad. I think we need to upgrade her mattress very soon.

Gwen, Pirate Girl.

I’m still not a fan of following patterns. I don’t know why they are so hard for me to figure out. I swear I have to read them about ten times before I sew anything, and then I still manage to make mistakes.

But I finally finished her costume last night and I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s not even October yet! Now I just need to find the right shoes.

And I should give a shout-out to my seam-ripper. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

One costume down, one to go.