Attempting (what seems like) the Impossible

The other day I tried to take some pictures of the girls for our Christmas cards. It was not easy.

For one thing, Olive does not like to be still for any amount of time.

Sometimes one of the girls decides to pull a little attitude, which inevitably rubs off on the other.

Like I said before, not much can keep this toddler down. Plus, she decided to fall and hit her forehead on the bookshelf right before out little photo session. It was great timing!

Then if one girl sees something shiny, they all have to check it out. Distracted much?

And finally in the end, after about 50 pictures, there are only a handful that actually work. But the ones that turn out like this are by far my favorites.


Would You Buy A Leaf?

Would you buy one even if you could pick them up off the ground for free? Because Inez has taken up a hobby of selling them.

They are only 1 cent each. If you happen to drive by and see her outside trying to sell them, would you do me a big favor and buy one (or five, or ten) from her?

It would make this little girl so very happy (happier than she already is).


My Name is…

My name is Olive and I would like to wish you a Happy Halloween.

My name is Gwen and I am silly.

My name is Inez and I’m a gypsy for Halloween.


My Name is Inez

and I have officially joined the awkward teeth phase.

I’ve got two permanent bottom teeth, one permanent front tooth, one baby front tooth, and two holes where I have recently lost teeth.

Luckily, my parents think I’m cute anyway.

It’s A Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

So, I’m not sure how we will get it out of the garden and into the house (because it is so heavy).

I’m also not sure who will be responsible for carving it.
Although I have a pretty good hunch who it will be…

And we still have about a month before it will even be harvested!

I better start thinking now what to carve. This is a pumpkin that deserves a little bit more than just a regular ole jack o’ lantern face, don’t you think?

First Day(s) of School

I can hardly believe I have a first grader. Well, I can believe it when she starts getting all sassy with me. Sometimes she is six going on sixteen!

This year we transferred her to another school so that she could do the Spanish Immersion program. It was something I’d been thinking about for months. She was really sad about leaving all her friends at her last school, and I felt bad for her. However, I knew that she would be able to make new friends quickly, which she has. Also, Dave and I both speak Spanish, so it’s kind of a no-brainer. We would be stupid to not put her in a program like this.

Gwenie started preschool yesterday. She was SO excited. She had her clothes all laid out by her bed and at 7am came into our room, on my side of the bed, and when I opened my eyes and said good morning, she whispered to me, “first day of school.” Then she went over to Dave’s side of the bed and did the same thing to him. It was really cute.

When I dropped her off, she didn’t even look back at me. I decided not to take it personally. When I picked her up and asked her how it went, one of the first things she said to me was, “I don’t have any homework!” Sounds like a younger sibling to me!

Right now both girls are at school and Olive is napping. I almost don’t know what to do with myself. I think I’ll get used to these quiet mornings!

One of these days we won’t have such an ugly front door.

My Name is Inez

And there is a bit more room in my mouth right now.


More, Please.

Well, that vacation was either way too short, or it passed by really quickly. Probably both.

I want more.

More time with Dave. (I love having him all to myself)
More visiting with family and friends.
More of these cute and happy girls. (They fight a lot less when we are on vacation)

On the drive home, I kept thinking these three things:

1. I don’t want Dave to go back to work. Ever.
2. I don’t want to face all the laundry that awaits me.
3. I want to eat another tigger’s tail.

More pictures from our vacation to come after I come conquer the mountain of laundry that awaits me.

My Name is Inez

I love to set up my own little area with my stuffed animals and pillows. This is where I can be found most of the time, away from my Mom’s eye and a little sister that like to copy every single thing I do. Sometimes I just want to be all by myself.

“I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel.”

Plus, it makes for a super comfy place to read.

Movie quote? Anyone?

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Easter