no more barbie

The only thing that happened between Nezzie’s innocent three-year-old kisses of yesterday and the tilted head, eyes closed, mushy kiss that she tried to give Dave today, was the watching of Barbie of Swan Lake.

This morning I overheard this dialogue between Inez & Dave:
I: I love you Dad.
D: I love you too, Nezzie.
D: Nezzie we don’t kiss like that.
I: But sometimes girls kiss boys like that.

Lesson learned? Even if renting a movie from the library is only $1 for a whole week, the answer will be NO.

It is a pretty annoying movie to listen to, besides the music.

sugar and spice

So she freaks out when there is a measly little fly in the room. But this is okay to hold? I don’t get it.

summertime fun

One day Nezzie’s friend, Kaia, came over.

It was lovely and warm outside so we got out the Nemo sprinkler.

We chewed on some long grass, like Grandma K. taught us.

It was fabulous.

that nez

This morning after just having returned from our morning walk down around the temple, Gwen fell asleep in the stroller and was easily transported to the crib and fell back asleep. Miracle of miracles. It was 10:45 am and the leftover birthday cake was staring me down. Inez had been begging for cake all morning and I caved, but mostly so I could eat some of the frosting. I know what you are thinking and please don’t judge. You will have to just trust me when I say that my Mom makes the best homemade fudgy frosting, otherwise I would not have eaten something of that nature right after working out. I am wiping the saliva off my mouth as I type, which is kind of tricky if you are typing with two hands.

Well, after a few bites of cake, Inez decided that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. She often does this with desserts, which totally baffles me. Anyway, I gave her some of her soymilk to help wash it down and the following conversation occurred:

Inez: Mom, can I have a chocolate straw with my milky?
Me: No, you are had enough sugar from the cake.
I: MOM, you are not doing what Jesus said.
M: Oh really? And what does Jesus say?
I: He says you have to share everything.

At this point of my post, I would include a picture of the cake, but sadly at the time of publication there is no cake left to photograph. My sincerest apologies. Instead here’s what is left.

unicorn or pegasus?

So Nezzie is always jumping. And she’s constantly changing the animal that she’s pretending to be. But she is LOVING unicorns right now, so I’m 99% positive that she was being “Unicorn” in this picture. We aren’t sure how this unicorn thing started, but as long as it doesn’t continue into her teenage years, we’re okay with it.

And Dave and I can’t stop laughing at her flared nostrils.


I don’t know why I didn’t buy this until yesterday. Clearly, I was not thinking. I had no idea that brushing her teeth could be such a positive experience. Hooray for the battery powered toothbrush!

I could never have survived as a pioneer.

grandpa lesue

Inez loves going to Grandma and Grandpa Lesue’s house. I love it too because not only does she have a lot of fun when she is there, but she uses much of her energy while she’s away. It’s a win-win.
Here she is helping Grandpa on a project.

Grandpa is famous for his garden. He and Grandma work hard on it almost the whole year through and we are happy to reap what they sow.


Nezzie loves to lick the brownie bowl and spoon.

"wuke" and "mez"

Here are a bunch of pictures of Nezzie and Luke that Brooke took. These kids are two very rambunctious three-year-olds.

more pics by brooke