My Name is Inez

And there is a bit more room in my mouth right now.


My Name is Olive

And I have four teeth. There are two more top teeth trying to make their way through my gums. I have to say, it’s not the best feeling and it makes me drool. I think teeth are overrated, especially when I don’t even have to chew my food at this point. But my Mommy sure does love my teethy smile. She tells me that all the time.

I also enjoy spending most of my floor time holding my legs up and spreading my toes out wide like this. I find that it really works my core.

I’m all about the teeth and the abs these days.

My Name is Holly

And I love Disneyland.

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My Name is Olive

I have added prunes to my diet.


My Name is Olive

And I eat solid food.

This was before I ate my first bowl of rice cereal (when I was still clean).

I want to hold the spoon all by myself.

Sometimes I get what I want.

But I’m not quite sure about that taste.

Seriously not sure about it.

I thought I’d put the bib in my mouth…

…or the bumbo, just so that they stop trying to feed me that bland cereal.

After a little while, I become a little interested in this food.

Okay, okay. Maybe it’s not so bad after all.


My Name is Inez

I love to set up my own little area with my stuffed animals and pillows. This is where I can be found most of the time, away from my Mom’s eye and a little sister that like to copy every single thing I do. Sometimes I just want to be all by myself.

“I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel.”

Plus, it makes for a super comfy place to read.

Movie quote? Anyone?

My Name is Gwen

And I can touch my nose with my tongue.

I know this makes my mom somewhat jealous considering this is something she has always wished she could do, along with wiggling her ears. I am now in the elite club of those-who-can-touch-their-nose-with-their-tongue along with Auntie Kiki, Uncle Jon, my cousin Tainui, and the one who I probably got this talent from, my Dad.

Now it’s time to work on rolling my tongue.


My Name is Holly

And I’m a quilter! Okay, maybe that’s a little presumptuous. Let me just say that I have completed my very first quilt. The stitches on the back side of the binding are very large and wonky, but if I tried to make it perfect I never would have finished it. And since it’s taken me six months from start to finish, I just needed to knock it out and get it out of my unfinished projects pile (which already overfloweth).

I have come to realize that I just need to make more so I can practice and get better at hand sewing the binding on because I’m sure that I’m doing a million things wrong.

I guess it’s a good thing that I have two more that need to be finished.

My Name is Olive

And I found my feet.


My Name is Gwen

And I’m really obsessed with my Mom’s Turbie Twist (super-absorbent hair towel). “Turbie Twist holds your hair better than a towel,” you know.

And since you can totally jump on a bed while wearing one (AND IT WON’T FALL OFF!), I’m hoping that I’ll be getting one of my own. SOON.