My Name is Olive

And I have some crazy hair. My Dad affectionately calls it “Hitler hair.”


My Name is Olive

And I’ve decided to grow my two bottom teeth in when I’m only one week away from being (turning?) four months old. One’s broken through and the other one is just below the surface.

What? Is that weird or something? Well, maybe that’s just how I’m gonna roll. I’m the super-mellow, good sleeper, early teething baby. I’m TOTALLY a shoo-in to be the fave.

Need a closer look?

My Mom’s friend, Kelly (the one with the cute baby, although I have to say, she’s not as cute as me, right Mom?), was holding me the other day and saw these bad boys coming in. When Kelly told her, my Mom didn’t even believe her. I still don’t think my Mom believes that they are really coming in because she is CONSTANTLY checking to see if they are still there! Seriously, can someone tell her to stop? It’s SO annoying!

Also, would someone tell her that I hate this outfit? She thinks I look all cute, comfy, and cozy…


My Name is Holly

And I am seriously addicted to buying fabric.

These fat quarters are from Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane line.

I need more. 

Like I said, I’m addicted.

My Name is Gwen

And I really love my little sister.


My Name is Olive

And I’m a serious baby.


My Name is Olive

I’m ten weeks old and I like to blow bubbles.