Can I Just Freeze Time?

This post is dedicated to our Ollie girl. She is constantly making us laugh with her crazy antics.

One of my favorite things about her right now is that when I sing to her at night, she always asks for the same three songs, and always in the same order. They are: “Twinkle, Twinkle”, “You Are My Sunshine”, and “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” She sure knows how to end on a good note (pun intended!).

I absolutely love this picture of her feeding Clara. The body language here kills me.

We got some free balloons from the grocery store the other day. I have a love/hate relationship with balloons. Olive has a absolute love for balloons and wouldn’t even give these up while napping. When I took this picture she was about two hours into her nap and still holding very tightly to them.

We went to Ikea a few weeks ago, and even though they had this slide locked into the shelf so that no one would slide down, Dave and I turned around and discovered that Olive was determined to go down. She didn’t quite make it (in case you were wondering).

At the Disney Store, she found this Rapunzel doll and hugged it tight for quite some time. This was after she had already hugged Rapunzel pajamas.

One cold, blustery morning we snuggled under some blankets and watched a movie (Rapunzel, in fact). At one point I looked over at Olive and she was picking her nose (the way two-year olds do).

After Valentine’s Day, she found her sister’s stash of candy and I found her hunkered down eating chocolate kisses.

I’m not usually one for animal print clothing, but these particular pjs, on this particular bed-headed girl…I’m sold!

Olive got a birthday package from Aunty Heather and it had some plushies from Yo Gabba Gabba. Foofa (pictured) got a nice long hug from Olive and is one of her new favorites.

What more can I say? Driving with sunglasses on at night and picking her nose like a two-year old.

This girl really does love chocolate. And especially chocolate donuts.

By far, she is my most girly-girl and already has an opinion of what she wants (and doesn’t want) to wear. Here she is all about the accessories.

She loves her “polka pot” pajamas, but they tend to give her a little bit of trouble at times.

She is currently obsessed with our popcorn maker. She is always getting it out of the cupboard down below, putting it on the countertop, dragging a chair over so that she can reach it, and finally putting the top on. She was very proud of her accomplishment this day.

This is one of my favorite smiles that she gives me. She is such a charmer.

I really do love ALL four of my girls. But if I was guaranteed I would have another Olive, I’d be pregnant already. I’m not.

A Determined Toddler

It’s probably safe to say that chocolate is one of Olive’s main food groups. The few times I have chocolate out in plain site, Olive is the first one to see it. She wouldn’t miss it. She gets a chair from the table, pushes it to where she needs to go, and reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaches until she gets what she wants.

I have to give credit to Ashley Ann Campbell from the blog Under The Sycamore here. Awhile back she took pictures of her daughter reaching for something and shot at this same angle, capturing her legs and feet. I don’t think I ever would have considered shooting from that angle before seeing the amazing pictures that Ashley took of her daughter. She is an amazing photographer, and I’m nowhere near her talent.

But I’m so grateful for others who share ideas and talents because I will always treasure these pictures of Olive, those little legs in her Christmas leggings, and her cute feet that communicate just how bad she wants that chocolate.

How To Properly Eat a Hershey’s Kiss

(In case you didn’t know.)

This is according to Olive.

Two-year olds are experts at these types of things.

Not pictured here: a very chocolatey dress.

Now you can go to your holiday functions and eat kisses the proper way. You’re welcome.

Our Climber, Big Baby

Today she made it into Clara’s crib and I have no idea how she did it.


Big Baby In a Little Coat

Since I am the slackiest slacker of a blogger lately, here are some pictures of Big Baby.

This is what happens when Daddy gets Big Baby dressed. She ends up in her baby sister’s jammies.

In Dave’s defense, the babies share the changing table and I had left Clara’s 0-3 month pajamas on it. He (barely) got the shirt on Olive, brought her to me and said, “So I’m guessing these aren’t hers.” We then put the pants on her, took some pictures, and had “fat guy in a little coat” stuck in our heads for the next few hours. Good times.

Big Baby loves Baby Sissy

Big Baby isn’t usually allowed on the bed when Clara is on it. But the other day I was taking pictures and let her up to see what would happen.

Big Baby is obsessed with giving Clara her binky whenever she finds one but she always tries to put it in her mouth backwards.

Big Baby giving Baby Sissy (what Olive calls Clara) kisses.

Then Gwen wanted in on the action too.

As hard as they tried to console her, Clara was done.

And MAD.

I just hope they love each other this much when they are teenagers.


All Up In Her Business

I finally got around to taking some decent pictures of Clara, with the hopes that one would be suitable for a baby announcement.

But Big Baby saw it as an opportunity to get in on the action as Clara is usually out of her reach.

We know she is curious about her new baby sister, but no matter how vigilant Dave and I are Big Baby is fast. This nose honking came complete with an accompanying “beeeeeeeeeeeep!”

But don’t be fooled by my experience. Having two babies is totally relaxing.

Big Baby Strikes Again

In those few golden moments I get each day, I’ve finally started working on Clara’s quilt.

But, because those golden moments are so few and far between, I’m unable to get the top quickly sewn together, which gives Big Baby ample time to come in and “rearrange” things.

Maybe I’ll have it done when Clara turns one.

Meet Big Baby

When Clara was born and we started changing newborn diapers, Olive received the new nickname, “Big Baby.”

She was five days shy of 16 months when Clara was born and she is quickly entering toddler-hood.

One of Big Baby’s favorite things to do is play with her big sister’s jewelry box.

She especially likes to take the twirling Cinderella out and temporarily lose it.

And she has discovered that the best time to do this is when her big sister is at preschool.

Big Baby is a smart one.

These Ragamuffin Girls of Mine

This is what my girls look like when I have a cold, a headache, and am 37+ weeks pregnant.


rag·a·muf·fin: noun \ˈra-gə-ˌmə-fən\: a ragged often disreputable person; especially : a poorly clothed often dirty child

Well, at least mine were dressed.

It’s nothing to be sad about though. I still love them.