Little Miss Olive

I’m not sure whether she should be nicknamed Little Miss Naughty or Little Miss Trouble.

Either one is appropriate.

(And everyone says that boys are the ones who get into things.)

Trapped Inside

Miss O.

Watching her sisters play outside in the beautiful 40 degree weather we had today.

Wishing she could be out there too.

Too bad she runs for the street when she is let loose. Looks like we will be finishing out fence/gate this spring so that I can kick all three kids outside that she can play outside with her sisters.

My Name is Olive

…and I had my first lollipop.




(Luckily blue dum-dums don’t stain.)


My Name is Olive

…and my Mom’s new nickname for me is Trouble. She often says, “Here comes Trouble” when I toddle into the room. I’m not sure why.

Here I am “exploring” the filing cabinet.

Caught in the act.

Being told “NO!

I don’t get it. If she doesn’t want me playing in the filing cabinet, she shouldn’t have put it on the floor.

Next she’s going to tell me she doesn’t want me playing with my sister’s slinky anymore.


My Name is Olive

…and I now sit in a front facing car seat.


My Happy Baby

Most mornings, Olive wakes up and plays in her crib for awhile. On a good day she plays for about an hour. It’s nice.

Often we come in to find her standing in this corner of her crib, waiting for us. Her crib contents are usually scattered on the floor. I can always tell when that is what’s happening as she will say, “uh-oh” anytime she purposefully drops anything.

This particular morning, she had not only discarded all of her plushies, but also her pajama bottoms and one sock.

Those little leggies…

And yet, she is still our happy, mellow, pleasant, baby girl.

I just love her.

Tip Toed Olive

Although this usually means she’s getting into/trying to reach something she shouldn’t, I can’t help but love seeing her little feet like this.


My Name Is Olive

…and I really enjoy pushing the shopping cart around the house these days.


Attempting (what seems like) the Impossible

The other day I tried to take some pictures of the girls for our Christmas cards. It was not easy.

For one thing, Olive does not like to be still for any amount of time.

Sometimes one of the girls decides to pull a little attitude, which inevitably rubs off on the other.

Like I said before, not much can keep this toddler down. Plus, she decided to fall and hit her forehead on the bookshelf right before out little photo session. It was great timing!

Then if one girl sees something shiny, they all have to check it out. Distracted much?

And finally in the end, after about 50 pictures, there are only a handful that actually work. But the ones that turn out like this are by far my favorites.


My Name is Olive

…and I have a new hat. My mom especially likes the fact that I can’t pull it off my head in these frigid Utah temps.