Quilting Classes at Harmony Shop

I have some exciting news! I am teaching two quilting classes at a local quilt shop and YOU (if you are local and have some sewing experience) should come take my class! They will be taught at Harmony Shop in Provo (Utah). The phone number and address is on their website and you can call in to sign up for the classes. Here is the link for current available classes.

The first is a simple half-square triangle (HST) class where we will be making big HSTs for a throw quilt (52″ x72″). I love HST quilts because there are just so many possibilities when it comes to design layout. Here’s the sample I made for the class, using Heather Ross’ Briar Rose line.

This class will be held for three weeks beginning THIS Saturday, October 19 and run through November 2. It will be held from 12-2pm.

The second class I’m teaching is the Swoon quilt (designed by Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms). I am SO in love with this quilt! I feel like it’s my fifth child!

The Swoon class will also be held for three weeks, beginning Wednesday, October 23, running through November 6. It will be held from 4-6pm.

In both of these classes I will walk you through the cutting and piecing of these quilts. We will go over basting, quilting, and binding your quilts and I will provide small samples with which you will be able to practice free-motion quilting.

I’m so looking forward to sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for quilting with others. So, don’t delay and sign up today!

So, Do You Want To Come Over To My House and Make Stuff? (For Reals.)

Registration is now closed. Thanks to all who have attended and are going to attend! I appreciate your support so much!

Well ladies, THIS IS IT. I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time. I’m going to host a craft night (well, four craft nights actually) and I’m really excited about it! I have some pret-ty rad Christmas crafts for you to make. If you live in or near Utah Valley, YOU are invited. Well technically, everyone who is reading this is invited. Maybe it’s a good time for a trip to Utah, eh? Heather, Melissa, Natalie, Beth…I’m looking in your direction.

There will be (at least) five projects to make, which you should be able to finish THAT night.

1.  Vintage, glittery, Christmas trees in one of three colors

mint green

vintage white


Felt balls (the most time consuming, but one of my most favorite crafts)

felt ball garland

Gift adornments/ornaments

This picture is from my phone, sorry for the bad quality!


stitched felt christmas trees in various colors

Gift tags or ornaments? How about a gift tag turned into an ornament? Boom! Best craft ever.

Various glittered items

glitter pine cones

And I might just throw another project in just for kicks…you will just have to come and see. So come over!  Before your life gets too hectic with the holidays, get away for one evening, have a GNO, and come be creative.  Do something for yourself!  

The dates are:

  • Tuesday, November 22
  • Tuesday, November 29
  • Wednesday, November 30
  • Thursday, December 1

Each class will be held from 6:30-9:30.  The location is in Provo (directions will be emailed to you after registration).  Class is $35 per person (this covers all your supplies too). Class size is limited to 15 per class. Please specify what color trees you want to make in your notes in Paypal or email me at hollylesue[at]gmail[dot]com.

I hope to see and/or meet you!

10 on 10 in May

ten on ten button

I remembered to participate this month! Yay for me.

So I decided to shoot with my 50mm prime lens all day because I have a hard time focusing on the right things when I have it on a low f-stop. So I must practice, practice, practice, so that I can get better. I’m addicted to the lens for all the delicious light it lets in.

My day started out with a little re-organization. Our coat closet has been driving me crazy! So this morning when I was hanging someone else’s jacket for the millionth time, I snapped—but not in a bad, postal way. I pulled everything out, got rid of a few things, and organized this bad boy. I know this picture isn’t very impressive to anyone else, but it brings me great joy!

My stained glass star which was a Mother’s Day gift. Now I have something pretty to look at while doing the dishes.

Miss Clara is just shy of her two month mark. She is such a good baby and pretty in pink. She still has the reddish hue in her hair too!

I’m FINALLY getting around to making Gwen’s quilt for her twin bed. It’s from Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane line. I used more blues and greens for Gwen, as opposed to the pink I used for Inez’s.

A grapefruit. It’s my mid-morning snack. I have to lose this baby weight! Oh, and the other weight I’ve put on in between babies.

We had our chimney cleaned out. Two years at this house and we’ve never built a fire in our fireplace. This was the first step in getting our fireplace finished. You can see there is still a lot to do! UGH.

I found Big Baby in Clara’s car seat. She had even grabbed Clara’s blanket too. She is a funny one.

What a pleasant surprise! When the mail came, we got a package. It came from one of my oldest friends, and full of goodies for my girls from her little girl’s 2nd birthday party. Thank you Lisa! Looks like it was a fun party.

When I need a chunk of time to myself (like to make dinner) I turn on a show for Big Baby. Inevitably, the older girls gravitate towards the TV too. While Olive prefers Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I’ve tried to broaden her horizons, but she just won’t sit still for Pride and Prejudice. But she will…all in good time.

We’ve discovered that Olive isn’t a big fan of her highchair. She will sit and eat much better if she sits with Dave though. She’s such a Daddy’s girl, and he’s such a sucker (in a good way).


Big Baby Strikes Again

In those few golden moments I get each day, I’ve finally started working on Clara’s quilt.

But, because those golden moments are so few and far between, I’m unable to get the top quickly sewn together, which gives Big Baby ample time to come in and “rearrange” things.

Maybe I’ll have it done when Clara turns one.

My Newest Obsession: Felting*

A while ago, I started looking at Etsy shops for felted wool balls. What I found, I didn’t want to pay for. I also wanted to learn how to make them myself. So, I did a bit of online research and bought some wool roving.

This is wool roving.

However, I hadn’t found any good online tutorials, so when I got it in the mail, it just sat on my desk because I was too scared to actually do anything with the wool because I didn’t want to ruin it. It’s so pretty.

Then, I hit (my version of) the jackpot. I found an online class with a few different tutorials and promptly signed up.

At first I was just interested in making felted wool balls.

Then I started making some felted “flowers.” They don’t look like flowers. They are just kind of wonky circles of different sizes. But you layer them to make flowers. I added a ball to the top, attached it to a hair band and it’s now a hair accessory for my girls.

I love them because it dresses up their otherwise boring ponytails. Especially since Inez informed me that I only know how to do three hairdos.

She said, “You only know how to do ponytails, braids, and straight hair. And everybody can do straight hair.”

It didn’t make me feel bad though, because it’s true.

I don’t think the online class is being offered right now, but here’s the link to the blog of one of the Australian lasses that gave the tutorials.

*Dave just informed me that this is kind of a boring post. So, sorry. I’m eight months pregnant. Give a girl a break (on blog posts and hairdos).

Fabric Scraps

I know I’m not unique in the fact that it is really hard for me to get rid of fabric scraps. Especially when the fabric is not cheap.

So what did I do with the strips of fabric leftover from Inez’s quilt?

I made a wonky pillow. It may not appear very wonky in this picture, but rest assured, it is indeed wonky.

There are still a bunch of left over quilt squares I didn’t use. I want to make her a matching doll quilt out of it, as well as a full sized pillowcase. And I’m sure, one day I’ll get around to that.

P.S. I love the word wonky.

Finally Finished.

It is DONE. Bound. Washed. Crinkly. Yummy.

It wasn’t done in time for Christmas, but at least I finished it within the month of December!

Here are a few of my favorite blocks, and you can see my mistakes too. I’m such a amateur quilter but actually, I’m totally okay with that.

The middle of the block is from the line Holiday Happy by Monica Solorio for Lecien.  She calls that funky guy “Gnoma Claus.”  The border is also a Lecien fabric, which is a Japanese line.  Lecien fabric is a bit more pricey, but also more kooky and therefore worth the extra money (in my opinion).

This is Dave’s favorite block, and one of my top five. The turquoise poinsettia fabric in the middle is from Kate Spain’s 12 Days of Christmas line, and the border is from my stash, not sure what line it’s from.

I cannot remember what the middle of this block is from.  I got it last Christmas, or maybe even two years ago.  The border is just a solid apple green from my stash.  This block wasn’t one of my favorites until after it went through the wash.  I love how vibrant it is with the red thread.  You can also see that I had to make the block bigger.  I don’t know what happened, but it was way shorter than the rest of the rows. Oops!

I love this block.  The polka dot middle is from Riley Blake, and the Fa-la-la border is again, Kate Spain’s.

I think this is my absolute favorite block in the whole quilt.  The middle is from Kate Spain (again) and the border is from my stash.  Unfortunately, I bought that border fabric about two years ago and I have no idea what line it’s from.  I realized when it was too late how much I loved it and have never been able to track it down.

I used this candy cane stripe for the binding.  It’s from the line Hip Holidays by Barbara Jones for Henry Glass.  I used a few others from this line throughout the quilt as well.

I backed it with flannel from Kate Spain’s 12 Days and I’m so glad I did. The flannel makes it surprisingly much cozier.

I’m not sure why, but any time I lay it out on the floor to take a look at it, she quickly comes over to walk around on it, point to different parts of it, and “talks” about it in her little toddler language. Then she sits down on it and claims her territory.

I’m really proud of it and will be sad to pack it away until next season. I’m also glad that the whole family likes it.

Fellow sewers (as in one who sews, not sewer as in a place for waste disposal): for what it’s worth, about halfway through piecing the top of the quilt together, I decided to invest in a quilter’s foot for my sewing machine.  In past projects where I have just done simple blocks, there was more room for error when it came to lining up (or not lining up) the blocks.  This quilt was not nearly as forgiving. I can’t believe how much of a difference it makes! It’s an expensive foot, but definitely worth it.

Christmas Stockings, Finally!

Making Christmas stockings for the kids has been on my to do list ever since Inez was born. I made some for Dave and I the first year we were married but our kids have never had their own. We have used stockings from our childhoods in the meantime, but it has always been my intent to make some specifically for the girls.

Here is a view of the front:

I am proud to say that this year it didn’t get pushed off my list like it has for the last five to six years. I used Robert Kauffman fabrics and I tried to make Inez’s with more pinks and reds, Gwen’s with blues, and Olive’s with green. Inez’s favorite color is pink (with red coming in at a close 2nd), Gwen’s is blue, and the girls have designated Olive’s favorite color to be green. Whether that will prove to be true or not, I didn’t think using green in a Christmas stocking would be a bad thing.

Here’s a view of the backs:

Since I couldn’t spend a ton of time making them, I intend on perfecting them sometime during 2011 (way before December!), adding a few embellishments. I will also need to make another one for #4 anyway, so I’m hopeful it will get done and not put off for another six years. Wish me luck because I have no idea how life with four children will be! I’m expecting it to be even more crazy.

But it’s good crazy. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Wrapping Presents

This is my new favorite way to embellish Christmas presents this year. It was so easy and extremely affordable.

I got this roll of polka dot wrapping paper from the dollar section at Target in 2008 or 2009, which went really well with the crepe paper I used. I have a huge roll of off-white twine that I used to reinforce the crepe paper.

Unfortunately, I was in a hurry this day and had to settle for scribbling names on the wrapping paper. If I had the time, I would have made small tags out of card stock using a paper punch, not very time consuming. I couldn’t even find our good sharpie, so my writing is extra sloppy here. Oh well, you get the picture.

Wrapping paper: $1 from Target
Crepe paper rolls: $1 each (and I still have TONS of both red and green rolls left) from Hobby Lobby, but easily found at any craft store.
Twine: $12 but I only used a very small amount of the roll I have. I believe it has 800 yards on the cone. Twelve dollars is really nothing considering how long it will last me. I found it at Xpedx a few years ago.

One More Thing To Do

I got my quilt back (hooray!) and now I just have to bind it (meh).

When I spread it out on the floor after getting it back, Olive promptly sat on it, pointed to different parts of it, and jabbered on and on about something (probably about how rad it is).

I think I love this picture so much because I love her chubby little dimpled hands. Why do they have to grow up so fast?