Around Our House at Christmastime

I finally finished my yarn ball wreath!  Now that I’m looking at the picture though, I can see a few more spots that need another ball or two but I think I’ll just leave it as is. It’s only bugging me in the picture anyway.

This is where I found the tutorial.

I bought a bunch of snowflake ornaments from Target, only 3/$1! One night I strung them together and persuaded Dave to help me hang them up, in which he did most of the work. I love what it adds to the room, but unfortunately doesn’t quite translate to pictures very well.

I got this grapevine tree at Hobby Lobby the other day for 50% off. It wasn’t in the Christmas section, but with all the other grapevine items instead. It was only $3.50 and I LOVE it. In fact I went back the next day and bought the last one for my mom.

I got this pom pom garland from Tai Pan Trading about a month ago. I think it was only $5.97 and I wish I had bought more of them. I’ve been meaning to go back to see if they have more, but I just haven’t made it yet because just the thought of going to the mall exhausts me! The imperfect and wonky pom poms are what make me love it so much.

I love our Christmas decorations. Now I just need people over so they can actually be seen.

So who wants to come over and hang out?

A Little Holiday Craftiness

Here’s one project I’m working on.

I’m slowly and sadly realizing that my list of things I want to do/make will drastically be cut down as the December days fly by.

I think that next year I’m going to start in August.

My Name is Holly

…and my head hurts. Piecing together the quilt if you don’t use a pattern like me is the most difficult part, in my opinion. Up until now nothing is set in stone. I have already edited quite a bit. But once I start sewing the rows together, I don’t want to have to undo anything.

I feel like I need another set of eyes here. Who wants to come over and help me? I’ll even bake you some chocolate chip cookies…


Well, The Weather Outside is Frightful

This gray and rainy day, I’m working on my Christmas quilt. I’m trying to get it done so I can send it off to be quilted and get it back in time to use in December. I’m really loving it and since I’m not using a pattern or one particular line of “favric,” I’m hoping it will look as good in real life as it does in my imagination.

Also, I know that this is a sin to some people, but I’m listening to Christmas music while working. I’m sorry but today, I just can’t help it.

A Little Addition

Last night I decided to use up the extra “favric” (as Gwen calls it) from the girl’s costumes and make them trick-or-treat bags to match their costumes. Even though it’s kind of a sloppy job (you can kind of see in the picture how the lines don’t quite match up on the seam, and stuff like that) I really love how Gwen’s turned out.

Now onto figuring out their shoes. I hate that part.

Post edit:
I apparently need to should give a shout out to Dave who cut the skull and cross bones out for me, and adhered it to the bag. Thanks for your help babe, YTB.

Gwen, Pirate Girl.

I’m still not a fan of following patterns. I don’t know why they are so hard for me to figure out. I swear I have to read them about ten times before I sew anything, and then I still manage to make mistakes.

But I finally finished her costume last night and I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s not even October yet! Now I just need to find the right shoes.

And I should give a shout-out to my seam-ripper. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

One costume down, one to go.

Quilty McGee

I finally finished the top to Inez’s quilt for her bed. I’m anxious to get it quilted so that I can finish it and she will finally have decent bedding in her room.

It only took me a year and half…

While I wait for that to be quilted, I’m working on a little baby quilt for a friend. I might even be brave enough to quilt this one myself (I just need Melissa’s confidence/encouragement/know how).

Once those two are done, I’m going to make a Halloween throw. I love these.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve been bitten by the quilting bug, although I’d have to blame it on the fabrics.

Why is fabric so addicting?

Around Our House


1. Gwen’s drawing of Dave. I love that the head and body are one and the same, with the arms and legs growing out of it. I love it because I used to draw this exact same way. I’m sure lots of kids draw “people” this way, but I was glad to see Gwen has a bit of my artistic (ahem) talent.

2. We are getting closer to our trip to The Happiest Place on Earth. This time we decided to mix it up a little bit, so each chain link has an attraction written on them. You are probably thinking that we are big Disney nerds. Well, you would probably be right.


3. This is a (wonky) wreath that I made. I tried to make this one from a tutorial of a blog I visit, Under the Sycamore by Ashley Ann. Her blog is so inspiring and pretty, you should check it out. I have a bit of a blog crush on her.

ANYWAY. My wreath looks pretty decent if you don’t look at it too close.  Hers is much cuter, but I’m satisfied with how mine has turned out…for now.

4. I am making Inez’s bedding. Finally. She has needed proper bedding since we moved in A YEAR AND A HALF AGO. I’m really excited about this quilt. I have a feeling it’s gonna be awesome. Not to mention the added benefit of keeping my child warm at night.

The rest of my house was just messy. Nothing of interest there.

My Name is Holly

And I’m a quilter! Okay, maybe that’s a little presumptuous. Let me just say that I have completed my very first quilt. The stitches on the back side of the binding are very large and wonky, but if I tried to make it perfect I never would have finished it. And since it’s taken me six months from start to finish, I just needed to knock it out and get it out of my unfinished projects pile (which already overfloweth).

I have come to realize that I just need to make more so I can practice and get better at hand sewing the binding on because I’m sure that I’m doing a million things wrong.

I guess it’s a good thing that I have two more that need to be finished.

Because I have SO much free time

Olive’s quilt is STILL not finished. It was quilted right before she was born and she’ll be four months on the 17th. I got a little hung up on the binding since I have no idea how to do it. And after the time and money spent on it, I’m not going to just wing it.

Anyway, I finally got the help I needed to finish it but after I got the binding on the front side, I decided that I didn’t like it. I think it looks fine, but I don’t love it, and I need to love it. I’m changing the green binding to red. Red is the accent color in her room anyway. I also don’t want to look at this quilt and have any regrets.

So, it’s off with the green…

and on with the red.