A Determined Toddler

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It’s probably safe to say that chocolate is one of Olive’s main food groups. The few times I have chocolate out in plain site, Olive is the first one to see it. She wouldn’t miss it. She gets a chair from the table, pushes it to where she needs to go, and reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaches until she gets what she wants.

I have to give credit to Ashley Ann Campbell from the blog Under The Sycamore here. Awhile back she took pictures of her daughter reaching for something and shot at this same angle, capturing her legs and feet. I don’t think I ever would have considered shooting from that angle before seeing the amazing pictures that Ashley took of her daughter. She is an amazing photographer, and I’m nowhere near her talent.

But I’m so grateful for others who share ideas and talents because I will always treasure these pictures of Olive, those little legs in her Christmas leggings, and her cute feet that communicate just how bad she wants that chocolate.

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