A Snow Day! Finally!

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It’s nearly the end of January and we are finally getting some significant snow here in Utah Valley. For a certain five-year-old, snow is a very good thing. Gwen’s #1 item on her Christmas list this last year was a “Blue Zippy Mini Luge.” From the moment she saw it in The Land of Nod catalog back in November, she was determined that this was what she wanted from Santa. Dave and I tried to reason with her: “But you’ll only be able to use it a few times the whole year!” Nothing doing. Her mind was made up.

Once we started pricing it, we discovered that it’s actually called a Zipfy Mini Luge, but decided that we like her name better. Anytime anybody asked her what she wanted for Christmas, “a blue zippy mini luge!” would roll right off her tongue.

When Christmas came, Santa—of course—brought her one.

So today, we called Grandma & Grandpa K to see if Gwen could spend a few hours at their house, to play in the snow and sled down their little backyard hill with her Blue Zippy Mini Luge. Of course they said yes.

She had a lot of fun playing in the snow.

She even built a snowman with Grandpa, because he is so awesome. I came over after awhile with the babies, put Olive in some snow clothes and let her play with Gwen & Grandpa too.

Olive took a ride on the Blue Zippy Mini Luge, but didn’t realize the importance of holding onto it until about halfway down the hill. Unfortunately, my camera decided to be slow right at the moment of impact. She kind of laughed it off, but didn’t want to ride the Blue Zippy Mini Luge anymore.

She took to her cousin’s snow shovel, and decided to focus on being cute instead.

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