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Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I have to admit, I’m in love with Instagram these days. But since not everyone is on Instagram, I thought I’d share the last week’s worth of photos. Hope you enjoy them (Mom)!

Inez and her friend, Olivia, at gymnastics, on the balance beam.

Olive is constantly twirling. She never wants to wear pants or shorts. In fact, she will actually cry if I try to dress her in anything but a “pretty” which is a skirt or dress in Olive’s talk.

I asked Clara to give her baby a hug, and this is what she did. This girl is constantly charming us all.

Two babies, up to no good. Actually, Olive was picking out a movie to watch and 99.9% of the time it’s a princess movie. As long as it’s not Ariel, I’m good. That has got to be the worst story ever. If you don’t think so, you don’t have daughters. If you have daughters, you haven’t watched it since you’ve had daughters. If you have daughters and have recently watched it and think that it’s a perfectly fine movie, then I hope your daughter doesn’t get any crazy ideas at the age of 16, and decide to sell her soul and run away with a boy (she just “met”) because she’s in love with him. I need to get rid of that DVD.

I was lucky enough to attend two full days of Women’s Conference last week. It was fun and tiring and inspiring. I came home renewed and with a deeper love for my family.

One small part of my notes from Women’s Conference.

I asked Gwen to model her cute new frock for me. All of a sudden, Olive jumped in the picture, shirtless, with rain boots, and a bowl of popcorn (that she promptly spilled after this picture was taken).

I got some lovely fabric. Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but you can never go wrong with Union Jacks.

At my nephew’s baptism last week, Clara clearly preferred to be with Dave. That makes girl #4 that is a complete daddy’s girl.

This picture was taken during church on Sunday. I had to leave my meetings because of my loud and unruly babies. My caption for this picture in Instagram best describes this shot: “As my children grow older and (undoubtedly) find fault with their mother, I will tell them those are the lessons I missed at church BECAUSE OF THEM.”

I bought some yarn for a crochet class I will be taking in June. I’m going to learn how to make granny squares, and I’m beyond excited. Gwen’s preschool teacher, who is also Inez’s art teacher, is going to be teaching art classes for kids this summer, and she will also have a class for the ladies. I will post more on this as soon as the information & registration is available. If you are local, you should come with me. Or you can just meet me there. Whatever.

My brother, Jon, has just joined the Army. He’s away at Basic Training and OCS for five months. He has left behind his pregnant wife and son, Jon-Jon. This little family is going to be blessed for the sacrifices they are making right now. Anyway, Jon-Jon just turned three on Sunday and we gave him a bucket of soldiers (from Toy Story). I was SO happy that I caught his initial reaction as he opened his present. After he opened it, he showed all of us and said, “This is my Dad.” It was a tender moment with a hint of funny.
Also, I have to point out here that I think my Mom looks gorgeous. Especially for someone who is in remission for the second time!

This picture doesn’t need an explanation. Also, I love everything about this picture.

As she was riding the trike, she kept telling Dave to get on. So he did. And this is why all our girls are daddy’s girls.

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