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A few weeks ago, some women from my church came over to my house so I could share my quilts and sewing space with them. As a result, our office/my sewing corner was super clean so I decided to take a bunch of pictures and share them here since it’s not likely it will ever be this clean again. I also have most of my fabric organized, which makes me incredibly happy. I still have a cabinet of yardage that I need to dig out and organize…one of these days. So here we go. Sorry in advance for the flood of pictures.

This room is our office and the little nook (not pictured here) is my sewing corner.


Here’s the view from my corner…


…and here’s my happy little corner


My wall & part of my desk. Notice the lint roller. It’s a must-have so I don’t leave the house with threads all over me.


Here’s a close up on part of my wall, I love that print “I long for salt air in my hair” by Katie Daisy. My house is full of her stuff. I just love her style and admire her talent so much.


My bulletin board, which holds two treasured souvenirs in the bottom right corner. One is a faded ticket from my first date with Dave when he took me to see the play, An Ideal Husband. Talk about the power of suggestion! Next to the ticket is the name badge I used when I served as a missionary for my church. I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for eighteen months, and those were some of the hardest but happiest days of my life.


My window sill. The blue mug I made in Kindergarten, a picture of my mom and me, and one of my favorite Willow Tree figurines a friend gave me after my Mom passed away last year.


Here’s the wall of pictures above our fireplace. I think I blogged about it before? I got the idea from Ashley at Under the Sycamore.


Our office always includes crazy children


My precious (read in creepy Gollum voice) fabric. I have taken over all but one of the shelves, which is Dave’s shelf. The bins on top hold projects that are on deck. The red container holds current projects, which are two quilt tops that need to be finished, and one complete quilt top that is waiting for a back to be pieced. The blue bins in the shelves hold batting, scraps, pre-cuts, yarn, and more scraps.


By the way, I use backing boards for comic books to wrap my fabric around. Here’s a link.

Bonnie & Camille, as well as some cheery Pezzy prints


Mostly Denyse Schmidt, Heather Bailey, and Amy Butler


Joel Dewberry, Ed Emberley (which is by Cloud 9), Suzy Ultman, Urban Chiks, and Tasha Noel


My gorgeous and precious Lecein and Kokka


Sandi Henderson. When I first started quilting, I didn’t know what I was doing and I would buy yards instead of fat quarters. Sandi Henderson’s Farmer’s Market & Ginger Blossom lines were out and as a result of my naivety, I have a lot. I’m not complaining about that at all though. I’m glad I was uninformed!


More Japanese imports, some Happy Zombie, Kate Spain, and beginnings of my organization by color with red …


…pink, orange, yellow and green…


…blue, purple, gray, and some low volume.


Christmas, and my precious British fabrics I’ve been hoarding.


A bunch of pre-cuts patiently waiting for me


My current scrap bin


My loverly selvedges. I WILL do something with these.


Yardage that is also patiently waiting for me


And that’s pretty much it. What do you think? Too much? Not enough? I guess your answer would depend on if you sew or quilt at all. I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour. I feel much more creative in an organized space. Now it’s time for me to get off the computer and go make something!



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