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Have you ever met someone and instantly liked them? That was how it was for me after meeting Diane. She has been Inez’s art teacher for two years now, and this past year she was Gwen’s preschool teacher.  People always say, “Oh so-and-so is the best teacher.” But I am here to tell you that Diane really, truly is the best teacher. Gwen has just blossomed in her class this year and Inez loves art and has become so much more creative. You can also tell a lot about a teacher if they are well-liked by the kids. Not only do my girls love Diane, but any student I have observed at the preschool or elementary school also love her, and in my opinion, that really speaks volumes. I will forever be grateful that Diane came into my life. Not only is she a positive influence and an inspiration for me, but she has been the kindest person as well as an inspiring teacher for my girls, and that to me is priceless.

Anyway, Diane puts on this huge art show every year, showcasing all the art that the kids have done throughout the school year, and it is very impressive. The walls in the halls of the school are lined with all the children’s art. It really is inspiring to see all that Diane has helped them create in one school year—which she pulls off while teaching preschool five days a week too. Oh, and did I mention she’s a single mom? Honestly, she is a-maze-ing.

Here are a few pictures I snapped while at the art show.

Jasper Johns wall

Paul Klee wall (one of my favorites)

Frida Khalo and Paul Klee wall

Yellena James

Keith Haring and more (but different) Paul Klee

The students all made portraits of their teachers in the style of Modigliani. These were by far my favorites. This one in particular was done by my friend’s daughter who was in first grade. I love her hair!

Diane chatting it up with some of her cute neighbors that came to support her


The art room, which had work on display from the students that took Diane’s after school art classes, Art Club.

These Fat Cats were a project from Art Club as well.

Well, lucky for those of us here in Utah Valley, Diane will be teaching a variety of summer art classes, for all ages from her home. She’s even going to teach a few classes for the ladies, which I’m especially excited for. I can always use a fun night out. Especially if it’s a fun night out with a bonus of learning how to crochet granny squares, then I’m totally in.

I mean, look at what she will be teaching for the June class! LOOK!

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