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Hello Internets! So, since I’ve heard from three. different. sources. that people Hi Mom! are waiting with bated breath for me to post on this here blog, I’m now blogging. I’m a generous person like that.

I have A LOT to catch up on as far as blogging goes, but for now, I’ll take you on a trip of our trip via Instagram.

The week after Christmas we drove to southern California for the wedding of Dave’s old college roommate, Matt. We stayed with our friends, James and Melissa, in Orange County. James was also roommates with Dave and Matt, and Melissa and I were in the same singles ward as the guys. So whenever we get together, a grand, grand time is had by all. Hi James and Melissa! I’m not sure Matt reads this blog.

Without further ado, here are some pictures.

Heading south. Yay!

Babies really enjoy getting out of their carseats along the way. Even the next car’s baby is out of it’s carseat. See?

I always have great intentions of what I will read when we go on road trips. I gave this magazine to Clara to “entertain” her for a bit and then I never saw it again.

One of my favorite landmarks on our way south is in Las Vegas on the right side of the freeway. I especially think it’s cool because my family had desert tortoises when I was growing up. They were my great grandparents (because tortoises live very long lives) and were named Ike and Mamie, as in, Ike and Mamie Eisenhower. If we have another child and that child is a girl, I want to name her Mamie. All the other girls have family names, and that turtle was basically a part of the family. You don’t think she’d resent being named after a beloved reptile, do you?

The Los Angeles Temple, where Matt and his lovely bride, Sara, were married. I hadn’t been to the LA Temple in about 20 years, so it was very cool.

Best reception food I’ve ever had.

One girl in particular was very tired by the time we sat down to eat at the reception. See her untouched hamburger? What a waste.

The twinkling lights of LA.

James Dean.

Everyone is happy at Trader Joe’s.

The eucalyptus trees were so fragrant as we drove through Irvine one evening. Seriously, I was freaking out about how strong that wonderful smell was. Dave thinks I am weird sometimes.

We visited my big sis who lives in the cutest little house on Balboa Island. It was great to see her, and we took a little walk around her hood. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of her! There was a beautiful sunset and this picture hardly does it justice.

Of course we had to hit Sprinkles while we were there. They were a delicious dent in our pocketbook.

The biggest disappointment of the trip was driving to the Purl Soho store with so much anticipation and excitement, only to discover it was closed for inventory. Melissa and I were so sad.

James and Melissa took us to see The Most Decorated House I Have Ever Seen In My Whole Life. They even had a movie showing on two flat screens and you could tune into a radio station to listed to the movie. It was INSANE.

Dave and James are happy little gingerbread kids.

Clara fell asleep on me one morning. It was heavenly.

We made our way up to Downtown Disney one afternoon. We didn’t dare try to go to the parks since the week after Christmas is one of the busiest (if not THE busiest) times of the year, but we wanted to get a taste of Disney while we were there.

Plus, it’s so pretty with all the Christmas decorations.

We had a little New Year’s Eve party with lots of dancing.

I took this from the freeway on our way out of town. So nostalgic!

One thing I love about the In-n-Outs in warmer climates that they don’t have here in Utah Valley, are the iconic crossed palm trees.

Dave drove as I typed up our 2012 resolutions.

Home Sweet Home.

The night we got home, I went in to check on the girls, and this is what I found. A bunch of small stuffed animals taking a ride on the panda pillow pet. It was a sure sign that Inez had returned home.

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