The 12 Diffs of Christmas

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It’s the Wednesday before Christmas and you, my friend, are NOT ready. You are the opposite of ready. You are an antonym of the word ready.


That’s you. That’s your name. Unready F. Christmas.

The F stands for “For.”

It doesn’t feel good, does it, Unready? You haven’t bought your presents. You haven’t mailed your cards. You haven’t gifted those Christmasy treats that you found on Pinterest to your neighbors.

You. Are. Not. Ready.

Wait! It’s ok! It’s… OK. Take a breath. A nice deep one. Take another. If you’re standing, bend down and put your hands on your knees. Breathe in. Breathe out. You’re ok. It’s going to be… ok.


What should you do about this?

Get to work? No. Absolutely not. That’s the worst thing you could do.

Freak out? Maybe. But not yet.

Spend the next 20 minutes trying to spot the 12 differences between these two photos?



Happy New Year

Note! The Merry Christmas/Happy New Year text difference doesn’t count. It’s NOT one of the 12 differences. What’s that? Why doesn’t it count? Because. Just Because.

Wait. Why are you reading this? Did you give up already? You’re down here looking for the answers?

Unready, I’m disappointed.

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