Zooming In and Out

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Today I was taking pictures for a friend’s website. All was going well until Clara woke up from her nap, and Olive finished watching Little Einsteins. They were so interested in what I was doing! In fact, they would not leave me alone. Luckily I still got the pictures I was going for. Here are a few that I LOVE.

Gorgeous embroidery thread


A rainbow of crochet yarn


Even though I managed to get the shots I needed, I thought I’d share a few of my outtakes.

I spy with my little eye, a baby finger!


This is what you see when I zoom all the way out from the pictures I was trying to take.


Clara our little charmer.


In reflecting on trying to get these pictures done I now realize that I was “zoomed in” on the task at hand. But when I zoomed out, my two girlies were there and in need of attention. It made me realize how often I am zoomed in on the wrong things in life. This isn’t a new realization or anything as I am fully aware that I’m often focused on the wrong thing. It was just a nice (and not harsh) reminder to be in the moment, and to zoom in on what matters most.



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